Warranty and Support

Warranty information for new paging systems and pagers

We guarantee all paging equipment for three years from the date of purchase to the original purchaser. Our guarantee is specifically for manufacturing defects that may occur within the three year period. This warranty excludes neglect, damage caused by users, water damage or any other user generated issues.

First Class support

We configure all systems before delivery to your premises to your exact requirements; but if you ever do experience any issues whatsoever please contact us directly from our contact page; we assure you that our technical support is professional and biased towards helping customers in every way we can.

Why our warranty is different

There are companies out there selling communication solutions that are either cheap copies of our equipment or where the seller is simply a middle man also known as a distributor. Firstly these middle men will only ever offer you the least warranty that they can 'get away with'. This is because they typically only get one year from their supplier. Here we are different. By buying from us we will give you a three year (minimum) warranty and guarantee to replace all manufacturing defects with new equipment for the whole period. Those middle men will often carry out a short time fix (just enough to get past warranty it seems) and as soon as the warranty expires they charge you full price for replacements.

What about pricing?

We will also guarantee to hold the original pricing that you bought your system for in every case for replacement equipment if you damage it accidentally. The middle men will charge you full price time and again.

What don't we cover under warranty?

We operate our warranty in a fair and reasonable way. If you do have any issues with pagers or transmitters - in fact any of the components that go in to making a custom system for you we will examine the equipment and if there is ANY way that we think that the unit is manufacturers warranty then we honor it - its that simple. Even if there is some element of doubt that it might be warranty we often look upon replacement favorably for the benefit of the customer. Our warranty pagers are then sent back to the USA and never return to the UK. We as a manufacturers office do not suffer financially for changing out warranty products so it is in our interests to help you. We have seen other companies of competitive products act in a very different way.

There are some things we will not cover under warranty such as abuse of the product (we have seen pagers dropped in the toilet, driven over by fork lift trucks, chewed by dogs and much more), replacement of lost pagers, ay equipment that has been used with other power supplies rather than our custom power supply (as supplied from new) and other similar situations. Clearly if the issue is unreasonably generated we could not accept warranty on that item. But we will help regarding costs.

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