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Losing money for cold food deliveries is no joke when you operate a busy restaurant. Hard pressed waiter or waitress and food runners often don't know when food is ready for service to the customer. Now with our server recall solution the loss of revenue in this way is a thing of the past. Secondly, these kitchen to waiter paging systems can increase table turns and improve other sales such as wine, sweets or other ancillaries. Customer service quality is improved exponentially.

And with a solution like this it may be possible to reduce your wage bill by at least one waiter-server. Profitability and revenue return can easily be the result of implementing a server recall solution. Kitchen to waiter communications could never be better and our solutions support far more staff than its possible to employ so expandability is not a problem as you grow.

More about waitress paging systems

The T9560EZ is a 20 one press transmitter that is suitable for kitchen chefs to notify staff when food is ready for delivery to customers. You may use up to three of these units to recall personnel to the kitchen and maybe the bar or reception. Our system communicates immediately and shows the servers or runners where they were called from.

Of course you can actually page up to 999 pagers from the transmitter. The pager that we recommend is made from Lexan material which is proven to be the strongest material making the pager extremely robust for all high use and demanding situations such as a restaurant kitchen. As you can see in the photograph we also manufacture very strong leather cases that can help to protect equipment from getting damaged. But these pagers are designed for hard restaurant use and if not abused these pagers will last many years.

Quality waiter paging system

This system uses the latest in technology and can use server pagers or manager alpha numeric pagers to communicate with staff. Simply press a button that relates to the servers pager number and they will receive a recall message immediately. The transmitter and the pager are rechargeable (SP4 can flash beep or vibe) and the alphanumeric pager uses one AAA battery that can last for months. Protective leather cases are available to reduce damage to pagers.

This solution is proven to work well in restaurants and all hospitality type of business throughout the UK due to its high output and it is unlikely that range would ever be an issue.

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