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Waiters Paging for Restaurants

Silently contacting your waiters from the kitchen with a waiter pager when the food is ready for delivery is paramount in any restaurant to deliver piping hot food on time as soon as it is ready. The ambience is important in any restaurant and with a quiet ambient surroundings customers will return again and again. waiter pagers ensure faster table turns and an increased financial return for your restaurant. Below are a range of specialised and ruggedized pagers suitable for waiters, runners and managers.

Robust Waiter Pager

Our durable pagers are suitable in any restaurant environment. Using Lexan our pagers will not break easily and can handle very demanding working situations. We also offer greater protection with leather cases for the SP4, and 4 line alphanumeric pagers with easily removable plastic clips included for all of our pagers.

SP4 Server or Waiter Pager

The SP4 Waiter Pager alerts the waiters by LED lights, a beep or vibration; this staff pager is compatible with every kitchen transmitter we make; by using more than one transmitter (maybe the bar or reception as well as the kitchen) it is possible to show with LED's where the message came from. The star pager is extremely robust but we also sell protective essentials such as a leather case for full all around protection against damage.



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SP4 Waiter Pager


4 Line Alphanumeric Pager

The 4 Line alphanumeric Pager can receive a message from any of our transmitters. This robust Pager comes with a belt clip for protection and easy use. The unit can store the last 25 messages and is often used for managers in bust restaurants pubs and bars. The single AAA battery can last as long as three months and this unit has an auto on or off so that battery life is prolonged. We also have a custom made leather protective case that can considerably protect this pager from damage when dropped.


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4 Line Alphanumeric Manager Pager

All pagers come with a very comprehensive manufacturers warranty that covers manufacturing defects for three years from purchase date.