Simplest Restaurant Kitchen to Waiter Paging Systems

 Simple Waiter Paging System

Our simplest and most cost effective paging system for small restaurants pubs and bars. If you employ from one to five waiters or servers then this system is for you. This system can cover most small restaurants easily and supports up to five waiters. Deliver food faster and more efficiently to ensure your customers get the best quality of service while the ambience of the restaurant is not compromised.

If you want to offer fast service with minimum fuss and outlay then this system is exactly what you need; with a system like this it might even be possible to reduce staff. Our pagers are made from Lexan to ensure some of the most robust paging equipment in the industry and expected life is at least five years.

Small system but big on features

While the simplest solution we have for restaurant waiter recall from the kitchen is low cost, its not short of features. The transmitter is capable of paging an individual, a group or everyone and while that is not always used in smaller restaurants if you expand then this transmitter will expand with you. It is possible to page (for example) two waiters and the first one to arrive could press the cancel button on the side of the transmitter - this will send about a message to the other waiters to say that this recall has been handled. This is a unique feature in hospitality solutions and one you certainly will never find on such a low cost solution.

The transmitter when operating on battery power will last far longer than you might imagine. When not in use this unit enters a 'sleep mode' that shuts down the parts that consume power so the life of the batteries can be extensive. We have seen this solution work for up to 6 months depending on usage from just one battery set. Of course when the unit is mains powered then you will not need batteries for operation - a recommended choice. 

Low cost 5 waiter paging system

This simple kitchen to waiter messaging pager system is a great investment for small restaurants where communication is a problem. Cold food leaving the kitchen costs your restaurant money all because of poor communication. The low cost waiter pager system solves nearly every single problem associated with getting great service to you customers.

The five pager system shown here handles a maximum of five pagers but can easily be setup to handle fewer waiters if necessary. Our lowest costing waiter paging system is very efficient and has been proven very effective in small restaurants that are in need of better communication throughout the UK.

This solution can be either battery operated or mains for the transmitter and the pagers are rechargeable units for our SP4 pager and the messaging manager pager uses one AAA battery that can last up to three months.

Range of this solution easily covers most small restaurants. 


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Our Low Costing Waiter Paging System