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As you can see from above this website is developed for the hospitality industry including restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and other food service business sectors.

We manufacture and supply to the whole of the UK. Our paging solutions were first developed back in 1993 when LRS made the first coaster call pager in the world. You may ask why is LRS headquarters based in Dallas USA? The fact is, that Dallas TX, USA is the second most populated area of the whole of the United States for numbers of restaurants. Dallas was a perfect area to develop these ground breaking communication devices that literally went on to change the way all restaurants worked at that time. And of course our new innovations like Table Tracker now continue to be rolled out across the United Kingdom in to some of the largest companies there is. Companies buy our products because they work! Maybe it is time that you joined the revolution too.

Today, LRS has multiple products that can be used in sectors such as hospitality, pubs, bars, healthcare, hospitals, first aid, health and safety, logistics, salons and many more sectors. On this page are just a few examples of waiter paging systems available from the lowest cost to the more professional units - all tried and tested extensively in the UK and around the world in restaurants probably just like yours.

If you want to know more about our company please do visit where you can find out much more about our company and other products we sell in the UK.

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Lastly if you are a corporate account then we offer special pricing structures for all corporate, government, charities  and other bodies. Our experience with corporate clients is extensive since 2000 when we first opened the UK offices. Since that time our customer base has increased at around 25% every single year and we are proud of that fact. Please do contact us we look forward to talking with you soon.