Heatproof Waiter Pager Systems

Deluxe Heatproof Professional Waiter Paging System

Heatproof and Robust Design 

The Heatproof kitchen to waiter system is the perfect way to boost customer satisfaction as well as staff communication; communicating with staff when the food is ready can in many restaurants be difficult and also affect the ambience of the restaurant; customers will not want to hear kitchen staff shouting to the waiters or bells ringing; with the Deluxe Heatproof Waiter Pager a silent vibration which only the waiter can feel and hear is paged.

Using a waiter paging system can create faster table turns ensuring increased return on investment; Using these solutions customers will want to buy extras such as drinks and sweets because of the increased customer service levels that waiter pagers offer.

The Clear Difference

If you have a requirement for placing the transmitter where there is heat, then it makes sense to buy a solution that can withstand heat. You will notice that this transmitter unlike many others on the market is made from extruded aluminium specifically designed to dissipate heat quickly. Using a transmitter that cannot operate in a very hot environment in a kitchen can be a recipe for disaster so the right choice of this important component is essential. ANYWHERE that heat is a concern then choose this transmitter, its a tried and trusted solution and will not let you down.

We have seen competitive products from others literally melt in hot kitchens when placed near the 'hot pass' section and those distributors will not cover the unit under any warranty whatsoever. It makes sense to buy the right solution from the outset so you do not suffer from a premature failure. Our solution will not let you down.

More about this heatproof pager system

This professional heatproof kitchen to waiter paging system is used throughout the UK in leading restaurants, pubs and bars. When you need a system to work in a busy kitchen and there are heat sources near the transmitter this solution is perfect; Aluminium is the perfect heat sink where tough and hot environments could be a problem to lesser systems.

With a management system built within the transmitter you are able to monitor your staff with an alphanumeric pager to confirm that the job given is being carried out to an exceptional standard that offers customers the best experience at your restaurant.

The transmitter comes supplied with a complete mounting kit (including a clamp) so that you can mount it wherever you need within easy reach of the chef. Notice that there are two magnetic strips for waiter names so that the chef knows which staff member carries which pager number.

This transmitter is now discontinued and replaced with other products.


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Our Heatproof Waiter Paging System