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Waiter Pagers and Paging Systems

The perfect solution for all restaurants, pubs and bars

When you need increased waiter or waitress service to reduce cold food deliveries an on-site paging system using bleepers or buzzers can solve all of those typical problems in restaurants pubs and bars. But it's important to choose a system that will last for many years; one such solution is the waiter paging systems and pagers from Long Range Systems UK offices. These solutions are known throughout the hospitality industry to be the leading, most robust and cost effective paging solutions available. See below for solutions and reasons why LRS is really the only choice for serious business solution for waiters to return to the kitchen fast and efficiently to deliver piping hot food. LRS: the leader in on-site communications.


Extremely Robust

These waiter pagers are made from Lexan, the strongest material available so the pager is extremely strong and designed for harsh working conditions.

Complete Pager Solutions

These Paging Systems for restaurants pubs and bars are suitable from small to very large venues and have adequate range for nearly every site.

Multi Paging Systems

By using multiple transmitters in our solutions it is possible to use the same pagers for the kitchen, bar and reception.

Three Year No Quibble Warranty

Our warranty is three years from purchase date and covers all manufacturer defects for the whole period.

Increases Table Turns

With a waiter paging system increased table turns will increase profitability and revenue streams.

Increased Staff Efficiency

Efficient staff through great communications will reduce cold food deliveries and allow staff to offer other things like extra drinks or sweet.

Satisfied Customers from Increased Service Quality

With a restaurant tha has great service through great staff communications customer service will ensure that your guests come back over and over again.

Direct Support from LRS UK

If you have ANY problems we're here to help on 01782 537000.

Don't forget that we also sell customer paging systems and Table Tracker. Check them out on our other websites: www.lrsuk.co.uk   www.lrspagers.co.uk   pager.co.uk

Our Paging Systems for Restaurants, Pubs and Bars

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